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Sithonia location

      Sithonia is the second peninsula of Ηalkidiki. It is full of mostly pine forests and has the perfect combination of green and blue of the sea that is difficult to find in Greece. Nature lovers and tourists are impressed from the rugged and spectacular landscape of the middle toe of Halkidiki and seeking refuge from the trappings of civilization.

Sithonia nature

      In Sithonia you will find a symphony of green and blue: no adjectives for all shades and tones of the vegetation, the sea and the sky you can see there. Its shores are very diverse - a succession of, picturesque harbors, deserted beaches of every size, fishermen villages are surrounded by trees and shrubs. The path to the Sithonia will amaze you, you will be able to admire endless majestic landscapes, picturesque bays, golden beaches, secluded coves, lush meadows and forests, picturesque fishing villages, but also a stunning architectural homes and churches. Only in Sithonia you can enjoy the unique beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as the pine trees meet the waves. At the vilage of Toroni in Sithonia you will find all of the above as well as the beautiful beach for relaxing vacations at the Studios Tsitsirikos Toroni.

Flavours in Sithonia

      In Sithonia there are hotels of every quality that you can choose what suits you, including the unique luxury hotel in Halkidiki, with a golf course with 18 holes, surrounded by all that it offers. Tennis courts and water sports can be found everywhere while riding in the forests trees is an experience that you can not find anywhere else in Greece. As for nightlife and other entertainment that you expect from the holiday resorts, Sithonia manages to combine the traditional beauty and hospitality with contemporary pleasures. When you are in Sithonia you will find that every place you meet is so different and so unique.

      All areas of Sithonia like Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos, Metagitsi, Pyrgadikia, Neos Marmaras, Parthenon, Vourvourou, Ormos Panagias, Toroni, Porto Koufo, Sarti, Sikia will remain deep in your memory giving you great memories. A tour to these villages will fill you with new experiences and amazing pictures of the wonderful piney beaches, narrow alleys and the flowery squares with the insular features. The Porto Koufo: The largest and safest natural harbor in Greece. On the rocky and rugged coastline open up caves, one of which, in SE. Side of the entrance, visitors can enter by boat. Another interesting cave located in SE. Side of the harbor, at the top section of the old quarry. The visit there is almost impossible today because of the incision made by quarrying. The cave must have been a place of worship in Roman times. Later, to purify the space, the Christian distinctive red crosses painted on the roof of the cave. Having as a base Toroni in Halkidiki you can enjoy the Sithonia while enjoying the hospitality at Tsitsirikos Accommodation Toroni

Sithonia Sightseeing

      Among the many attractions that can be admired in Sithonia is the ancient city, the castle and the church of Agios Athanasios in Toroni, the windmills in Sikia and 16th century church in Nikiti. Characteristic for their beauty, beaches, is Azapiko the Tristinika, the Crow, fennel, Kalamitsi the Kriaritsi etc. In Sithonia and across Halkidiki residents are famous for their great hospitality. Cultural and other events highlighting the specificity of the region.

      Having as a base rests in the Studios Tsitsirikos in Toroni you can enjoy all the beauties of Sithonia because it is an area that offers an unforgettable vacation with so many attractions, both beautiful beaches and landscapes.


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The complex is located in the area of Toroni and is 135 km from the SKG airport of Thessaloniki, on the edge of Sithonia.

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