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Halkidiki the Location

      Halkidiki is a peninsula located in southern Central Macedonia of Thessaloniki. It consists of three peninsulas (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos) resembles a trident piercing the Aegean sea. Sunny, golden - covered with sand - beaches, idyllic coves, traditional villages and modern tourist resorts, small islands clad hills plunging into the waters of the sea make up the peninsula of Halkidiki. Sithonia, where one will find the Studios Toroni Tsitsirikos, is the most beautifull area of Halkidiki. Poligiros is the capital of Halkidiki, situated at the geographical center, just 70 km from Thessaloniki. Transportation to and from Polygyros is mainly by road to nearest airport "Airport Macedonia", near the city of Thessaloniki on flights to and from abroad.

Halkidiki the History

      The Halkidiki region, according to findings from the prehistoric area of ​​Petralona near Kalikrateia Inhabited approximately 700,000 years ago. Settlements from the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, located in west and central Halkidiki, many cities flourished, over centuries. One of the most important cities showed that culture was the city of Olynthus (archaeological sites of Olynthus, Potidaea, Stagira, Toroni). In 384 BC was born in Stagira, the great philosopher Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great. The statue is located in Stagira of Halkidiki and Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki. The region takes its name from the city located in Chalkis Evia, which colonized the region in the 8 ° and 7 ° century BC Kassandra took its name from the King Cassander of Macedonia, the Sithonia peninsula from Sithon (son of Poseidon) and Athos from the mythical giant Athos. On 9th century was established the first monastic community on Mount Athos. Today, the monastic state of Mount Athos, serves as ark of Christianity by Byzantine monasteries, caves, monks and pilgrims, a "mountain - church" for the Orthodox Christian Church.

Modern Halkidiki

      The region is full of sun, and covered with golden sand beaches, idyllic bays, traditional villages and modern tourist resorts that are scattered in all the coast is a magnet of attraction for Greek and foreign visitors throughout the whole year but mostly during the summer months. All the beaches from Agios Pavlos up to Ouranoupoli is filled with blue flags. Toroni, where the Studios Toroni Tsitsirikos  are located, enjoy perhaps the loveliest beaches with crystal waters and white pebble of Halikidiki. You can enjoy a swim in the sea not only in Toroni but in other beaches such as Porto Koufo which is the largest natural harbor in Greece!
      Visit Toroni and enjoy unforgettable holidays in Studios Toroni Tsitsirikos! Having as a base rests in the Studios Tsitsirikos Toroni you can enjoy all the beauties of Halkidiki, ideal for unforgettable holidays with many attractions and beautiful beaches and both landscapes!


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The complex is located in the area of Toroni and is 135 km from the SKG airport of Thessaloniki, on the edge of Sithonia.

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