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Toroni Location

     Toroni is located on the Sithonia peninsula, shortly after Marmara and before Porto Koufo. In mythology, Toroni was the wife of Proteus, the son of Poseidon. Traces of prehistoric settlements in the 3rd century BC and many other remnants of ancient, Christian and Byzantine churches, castles etc. evidence that the area has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic era. In front of the open bay Toronaios that many have claimed.

The History of Toroni

Ancient Toroni

      The ancient Toroni Chalcedeans settlers founded in the 8th century BC. In the 5th BC Toroni century was one of the major cities of Halkidiki. It had its own currency and a member of the Delian League. Thucydides recounts that in 423 BC o took the Spartan Brasidas. In 348 BC The city was taken by Philip II. In 168 BC conquered by the Romans and the city declined.

Byzantine Toroni

      In the Byzantine era the land of Toroni belonged to Agio Oros monasteries. The strong walls etc. buildings were destroyed in the 19th century when the Turks used the granite stones they were built to cover the central roads of Constantinople and Thessaloniki.

Excavations in Toroni

      In excavations carried out from 1975 onwards by the Greek Archaeological Society in cooperation with the Australian Institute under the direction of Professor Al. Kabitoglou. According to the results of the excavations, it was found that the area was inhabited by the end of the Neolithic Age to the Ottoman Empire. Toroni is one of the most important archeological places in Halkidiki. They have found architectural remains, but it is very fragmentary, having been destroyed by the continued use of the area. Particular emphasis was given by the excavators in the cemetery of the settlement of the iron age, the duration is approximated to be the end of the 2nd century to the middle of the 9th century. In this cemetery 134 tombs were found, of which 118 are cremated and 16 simple burials. There were 500 vessels, which were used either as urns, or as offerings for the dead.

The Toroni Port

      The port located east of Toroni the container of the small promontory that rises now 13 meters above sea level, north of the ancient city, where the presence of a Mychou but underwater and architectural features make possible the position. Accurately, inhabited by small vacation from the early Bronze Age to the 17th century AD, is an important part of the history of the city, which is connected by a narrow isthmus in antiquity, as shown by recent underwater research was more comprehensive.

Contemporary Toroni

      In the western part of the Likithou is now one of the most beautiful sea beach in Greece Toroni! The turquoise waters of the Gulf Toroneos invite you to enjoy unforgettable vacations. Toroni is a modern town with small hotels, taverns, restaurants, Fast Food and need a family who is on vacation. You can enjoy excursions, hiking, biking and water sports. As for your evenings Toroni offers tranquility, relaxation and rest for you and your family!

      Toroni is full of endless magical landscapes, picturesque bays, golden beaches and secluded coves. You can enjoy the unique beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as the pine trees meet the waves. When you are in Toroni will find that every place you meet is so different and so unique. All surrounding areas such as Neos Marmaras, Porto Koufos, Sarti, Sykia will remain deep in your memory giving you great memories. A tour to these areas will fill you with new experiences and amazing pictures of the wonderful piney beaches, narrow alleys and the flowery squares with the insular features. Come to Toroni and give yourselves the most wonderful experience this summer! The Studios Tsitsirikos ensure you stay comfortable and offers you the best accommodation in the area of Halikidiki!


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The complex is located in the area of Toroni and is 135 km from the SKG airport of Thessaloniki, on the edge of Sithonia.

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